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Introducing Vero

Vero's lime and resin products are known for their striking beauty and variety of looks. Each project, large or small, requires a specific application process and technique. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to our product line's interior and exterior care and maintenance guidelines.

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What is the production process of Vero Italian plaster products? The initial production process starts with limestone rocks from rivers and quarries in Italy. After a 24 month seasoning period, the seasoned limestone turns into an amazing "lime putty" or "Grassello di Calce" in Italian. Please see our newsletter for the full production process.

What are the differences between Marmorino Venetian plaster and Vero's Antiqua finish? Vero's Antiqua plaster finish has a similar look to some Marmorino Venetian plasters, but is far superior in flexibility, appearance, application, and durability.

Note: the term Marmorino refers to a type of Venetian plaster throughout the industry. Marmorino, an Italian word that refers to small particles of marble, is commonly considered as a slaked lime plaster type product capable of creating smooth and medium textured effects, polished walls with depth, and gentle shades and color tones with the use of a trowel or spatula. Vero currently offers a Marmorino product called Epoca Marmo.

  • Vero's Antiqua Venetian plasters are 100% genuine seasoned slaked lime consisting of fine Carrara marble aggregate, and all components come directly from Italy. Some competing Marmorino Venetian plasters have lime elements, but 10%-20% is made up of cement.

  • Antiqua Venetian plaster can be used for interior and exterior plaster finishes, while some Marmorino finishes can only be used as an interior faux wall finish. However, our Epoca Marmo is one Marmorino plaster than be used on both the interior and exterior walls.

  • Because of the cement component, some Marmorino Italian plasters must be applied the same day the product is mixed or it will set up. Vero's Antiqua Venetian plaster with 100% seasoned slaked lime can be stored for years after the product is mixed.

  • Vero's Antiqua Venetian plaster can be tinted in the Vero studio or by the applicator at any time prior to application, while the colorant for your typical Marmorino Italian plaster must be mixed on the job site immediately prior to use.

  • Vero's Antiqua Venetian plaster is more forgiving in terms of application, making it a favorite of applicators.

What is the difference between Vero Italian plaster finishes and faux wall finishes?

The term "faux wall finishes" is sometimes used to refer to all enhanced wall finishes, including Italian plaster finishes and painted surfaces. Most commonly, "faux wall finishes" refers to texturing techniques using paint, not plaster. The disadvantage of painted faux wall finishes is that paint is a thin surface, which means that if the surface is scratched the base wall surface will show through. Paint eventually needs touching up after the paint chips or peels. Vero Italian plaster products are much stronger and more durable than any painted surface, as they are much thicker than paint, and their natural limestone state is much harder than paint.

What product(s) are suitable for exterior application?

Antiqua, Epoca Marmo, Epoca Spatolato, and Solution. For more detailed product information, please read the Venetian Finishes product page

Which plaster products can be used on interior wall surfaces?

Resin finishes can be used on interiors only, except for Solution. Solution is the only resin based finish that can be used on interior as well as exterior walls. All of our lime-based finishes can also be used on both interiors and exteriors.

Why is your basecoat/primer coat named "Finish"? It is rather confusing.

Rialto Finish is a special product that ensures adhesion and aids in water repellency. It is also used as a faux wall finish like paint, and therefore is named Finish. Just remember, Finish is always used as the primer coat when using the Rialto Plaster products. Finish = basecoat/primer coat.

How long does it take for "Finish," the base coat, to dry and be ready for the first application?

Finish takes at least three (3) hours to dry.

What substrates can Rialto products be applied over?

Provided all surfaces are sound and dry, Rialto products may be applied over lath, plaster, dry wall, brown coat, architectural concrete, brick, wood, galvanized sheets, and existing painted surfaces.

What tools are necessary to apply these products?

You must use hard chrome trowels and spatulas, which are available through our dealer network.

What is the average drying time of these products?

Lime based products, which include Antiqua I & II, Epoca Spatolato, and Epoca Marmo must rest 24 hours before applying additional coats.

For the shiny interior resin finishes, what preparation do the walls need?

The walls must be level 4 or 5. If there are imperfections in the walls, they must be repaired before application of the resin based products.

What is the cost of your exterior finishes versus conventional exterior stucco?

The cost is about twice as much as conventional stucco on the wall. However, you will achieve rich and varied affects that are not achievable in any other product with the same amazing ease of application. It is also less likely to crack because it contains no cement, only seasoned slaked lime as its most predominate ingredient.

What should I do before putting Epoca over Antiqua?

Always moisten the wall with a spray bottle. This finish cannot be hurried. Excess material will peel or delaminate if applied over wet coats.

What kind of weather conditions do you need to apply the exterior products?

When applying Antiqua I and Antiqua II the exterior air temperature should be at least 50° F and not above 95° F. When applying Epoca Spatolato do not apply when temperatures are below 48° F. If you are working on a job where temperatures exceed these limitations, please contact Vero for advice.

Can I use any of the Rialto products in a bathtub?

Yes, you may use Solution in high moisten driven areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and powder rooms.

Can you use a car buffer to achieve a higher shine?

Yes. All resin finishes as well as Epoca Spatolato can use a car buffer to create a high shine. Contractors sometimes prefer a car buffer in order to get the desired look achieved quicker. Otherwise, you can always use the chrome trowel to polish the plaster.

Do you offer a color chart? We do have a selection of colors in our brochures. However, we strongly suggest selecting your color from any paint manufacturer which we can easily match to our materials. We high recommend requesting a sample prior to placing your order.

Do you need to apply a primer prior to using your plaster finishes? Yes. We offer two primers, Primer One, which is to be used under resin based finishes on interior walls, as well as our Finish, which is used under lime-based finishes on interior and exterior walls.

Do I need to wax? No. It’s entirely up to personal preference whether you’d prefer a high gloss or matte finish. You can always use the chrome trowel to achieve a high sheen without even needing wax.

Can you apply wax on exterior walls? No. Our solvent based and genuine soapstone waxes are to be used on interior wall surfaces only.

What look is achieved when using Sapone Sealer on lime finishes vs. resin finishes? When used over resin finishes, like Solution and Evolution, as well as our lime finish, Epoca Spatolato, it will cast a sheen on the wall when buffed on with a rag.

Is it important to seal exterior walls once the plaster is applied? It is not necessary, but will help protect from any unforeseen climate changes or exterior structural changes, like possible hardscape or landscape plans.

Do these plaster materials crack? When walls are prepped correctly with primer, the walls will not crack. Finish Primer moves and blends which gives the plaster movement and area to breath. Structural cracking can always occur, but that is not due to the plaster materials.

How many colors can be blended? It’s entirely up to the look you wish to achieve.

How many square feet can the products cover?

Product Name Packaging Coverage per coat Notes
interior / exterior seasoned slaked-lime finish
5 kg. (11 lb)
25 kg. (55 lb)
40 - 60 sq ft
200 - 300 sq ft
Smooth-troweled finish -- our most popular product
interior / exterior fine seasoned slaked-lime finish
5 kg (11 lb)
10 kg. (22 lb)
45 - 60 sq ft
90 - 125 sq ft
Fine plaster in between Antiqua "1" and Epoca Spatolato
interior / exterior seasoned slaked-lime finish
5 kg (11 lb)
10 kg. (22 lb)
200 - 250 sq ft
400 - 500 sq ft
Very fine plaster used over Antiqua or over Finish primer
interior resin-based finish
5 kg (11 lb)
10 kg. (22 lb)
200 - 250 sq ft
400 - 500 sq ft
Very smooth acrylic plaster that can give matte or glossy effects
interior / exterior water-resistant siloxane plaster
5 kg (11 lb)
10 kg. (22 lb)
200 - 250 sq ft
400 - 500 sq ft
Very smooth siloxane plaster that gives glossy effects
interior / exterior quartz-based primer
4 kg
15 lt. (3.9 gal)
250 sq ft
15 lt rolled 700 sf
sprayed 1000 sq ft
May be sprayed, rolled, or brushed
interior fine acrylic primer for smooth finishes
4 kg
15 lt. (3.9 gal)
250 sq ft
15 lt rolled 700 sf
sprayed 1000 sq ft
May be sprayed, rolled, or brushed
interior water repellent, anti-stain wax
1 kg. (2.25 lb)
Over smooth:
Over lime:

250-350 sq ft
80 - 100 sq ft

Solvent-based finishing wax

interior gold / silver / copper / brass
375 g. (13.2 oz) 200 - 400 sq ft Solvent-based metallic accent used over Evolution or Solution

Is it necessary to base and mesh walls prior to applying plaster on exterior walls? It is not necessary, but would only make the application much more durable and crack-resistant.

Do you offer a list of qualified applicators? Please go to the Contact Us page, we will be happy to assist you.

Does Vero provide installation services, or do you just sell materials? Vero only provides the materials.

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