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Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone®

Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone®


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The spatula effects of Rialto Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone add to the beauty of other Rialto finishes, particularly Evolution® and Veneziano®.Exclusive surroundings are enhanced with shades of tempered metallic gold, silver, bronze, or brass.

Rialto Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone is a coating with a sort, smooth spatula effect, which can vary depending on how it is applied.

Rialto Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone is composed of resins, waxes and special pigments.

Metallic Finishes

Rialto Stucco Oro/Argento/Bronzo and Ottone are smooth, shiny, water-resistent Metallic Finishes applied over resin products like Solution, Evolution, and Veneziano for a spatula effect on interiors only, using a chrome trowel. Anyof these finishes looks gorgeous in a dining room, office, restaurant, showroom, or bathroom.


Rialto Stucco Oro has a gold metallic tint, Stucco Argento has a silver metallic tint, Stucco Bronze has a bronze metallic tint, and Stucco Brass has a brass metallic tint. Please request a sample prior to placing your order.

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