Designers now Preferring Light Colors and Bold Textures

Venetian plaster has a solid reputation as the go-to material for creating old-world European looks. And though no one can take that away, skilled designers are proving Venetian plaster is a material you cannot stereotype.

Texture in High Demand
Textures are all the rage right now. Demand is shifting from smooth, high-sheen surfaces to artisan-style finishes. Many designers are opting for the organic feel of Venetian plaster textured as stone or concrete.

Say a customer wants limestone, you can use Venetian plaster to create the look. In fact, an upscale restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ used genuine limestone on the face of the building, while opting for Vero lime finish to recreate the same look on the sides. In the end, they preferred the Vero seasoned slaked lime plaster even though it was a fraction the cost of the solid limestone.

Venetian can be used to recreate the appearance of other expensive materials, such as marble or travertine, but the possibilities don't stop there. You can customize the effects with layering, stencils, or a dragged finish, giving you an array of creative options.

Poured-in-place concrete finish
(Antiqua lime)
  Dragged finish
(Antiqua lime)
  Concrete finish
(Antiqua lime)

Cool Colors are Hot Right Now
Customers' color palates are also changing. Designers are seeing a clear shift away from warm tannish hues to cool, light shades.

Shiny white Venetian Plaster with red and black accent walls
(White, red, and black high-gloss Solution walls)

All too often customers are presented with limitations and ultimatums when making design choices. But one choice they don't have to make is between modern design and old-world quality. With Venetian plaster, customers can get sophisticated, contemporary styles with an artisanal flair.

Venetian Plaster Wows Visitors of Upscale USC Housing

The LA Times called Geoff Palmer's Lorenzo student housing project one of South LA's largest building proposals. Few could have guessed that Vero's Venetian plaster would play a prominent role in realizing the vision.

Vero Enters the Building
Lorenzo is far from being a plain-ole dormitory; it's a 900-unit student housing community. A sauna, four libraries, and five rooftop decks are among its extensive list of amenities. The facility also has sophisticated lobbies where old world European architecture and an array of modern artwork are captured inside glossy Venetian plaster walls.

Raul Medrano, founder of Mission Wall Systems, was the man behind the job. In this case, his mission was pulling off the fusion between contemporary and antiquated styles in a building that's proudly touted as "upscale" but inhabited by energetic college residents.

Medrano decided Vero's Solution Venetian plaster would do the trick.


Why Venetian Plaster?
It is more versatile and durable than many other materials on the market. You can readily change the color and effects, allowing designers to use a single product for multiple areas.

Venetian plaster is also known for its ability to withstand moisture, which is why Medrano selected it not only for the lobbies and the theater entrance but also for the ceiling above Lorenzo's resort-style indoor swimming pool.

Medrano has highly recommended Vero Venetian plaster for 15 years and refuses to change. Other companies try to sell him materials, but Medrano isn't having it. Vero products allow him to produce a "wow" effect, he explained.

People don't even know what they're looking at, Medrano said. They see it, feel it, like it and then comes the question: "Wow, what is that?"

Applicators like Medrano, get that a lot when using Vero's products. Being able to amaze people is a perk that comes with the job.

HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 13-15
Vero Booth #4885

Stop by and say "hi" to us at the Hospitality Design Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from May 13-15. It is the premier hospitality conference in the industry and you're sure to be introduced to great new products.

Last year we won the award for best booth display, and this year we're determined to make it even better! The walls of our spacious booth will showcase the hottest Venetian plaster colors and texture trends. There will also be a couple couches in case you just want to kick back and relax.

We hope to see you there!

Introducing A New Color Chart

Designers love color boards.

After years of offering a printed brochure with a selection of hues, we have decided to display a life-size color chart consisting of the 100 most commonly specified colors of Venetian plaster.

We are considering organizing the color board so the 5 x 5 samples are displayed in a random pattern, which may make it easier to differentiate one color from the next.

Do you prefer color boards organized by shade or in a kaleidoscopic color pattern?

Reply to this email with how you like color charts arranged and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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