September 2015
What's Trending with Venetian Plaster?

Here at Vero, we follow the latest design trends. For this article, we chatted with Terri Riesenman of Faux You Designs to hear about what styles are trending now.

"Venetian plaster allows people to reflect their lifestyle choices in their designs," Riesenman explained. "A few years ago when people were in sort of a reality TV frenzy, plaster design went through a bling phase. Everyone wanted sparkly and shiny finishes. People have backed off that big time."

Now, people are focusing on healthier and more socially-responsible living, and that essence is reflected on walls in homes and businesses. Clients commonly use the words "natural" and "earthy". Riesenman says a lot of her work is "Zen."


"Calm, quiet finishes are very popular. We're using a lot of mica, which people find soothing," she said.

Likewise, as environmental issues move center-stage,
Venetian plaster projects are reflecting minimalism and simplicity. Cement and sandy finishes are more common, while busy designs are losing favor. But there will always be people that buck the trend, and that's really fun too.

As people gravitate toward a more raw and unaltered look, more of Riesenman's projects are being enhanced with natural elements. "Mixed media helps pull off that simple, yet unique look" said Riesenman. "I'm working with a brewery right now where their plaster has bits of steel to match the industrial, corrugated metal theme of the building."

We asked Terri why she loves working with Venetian plaster so much. Her response deserved to be framed.

"Walls frame the room just like a frame around a picture. Having an elegant 'frame' brings the whole room together. Being surrounded by beautiful walls just makes people feel good."

Visit Faux You Designs on Facebook for pictures of Terri's work. She is one of the best at expressing herself through plaster. You can also contact Vero to discuss the requirements of your project or for more information.

Designing Brilliant Spaces with Venetian Plaster

Design is all about vision. With most building materials what you see is what you get, and you're subject to the limits of what's in a catalog or showroom.

You are never confined to a particular look with
Vero's Venetian plaster. Its colors and textures can be customized an endless number of ways to make your vision a reality.

"You know what my favorite part of my job is?" said Lisa Milligan of Vero, "It's when clients dream up creative new ideas and I get to do whatever it takes to make it happen. The look on their face when they see their walls is priceless."


Interior and exterior design is a means to express one's identity. Customization gives people a chance to stand out in a world where almost everything is mass produced - from carpet to paint to tract housing.

Venetian plaster does what paint can never do. It will cause people to look at your walls, stop what they're doing and excitingly ask, "Wow, what IS that?"

Color Me Impressed
People identify with colors. Some love cooler, light colors, others are obsessed with red, etc. Many companies have a precise color as a signature part of their brand - think Barbie pink, Best Buy blue, or the company that asks, "What can brown do for you?"

Color is a priority. That's why Vero's state-of-the-art color-matching lab can produce the exact color of your dreams.

Vero gets requests to color match fabrics, wall d?cor, and even high heel shoes. Currently, Vero is receiving a spate of orders from clients wanting the blue used for Tiffany jewelry boxes. One client recently requested 'Ferrari red' for the walls of his office to perfectly match his car.

Getting Groovy
Today's market is demanding texture, texture and more texture. Vero's Venetian plaster is capable of a myriad of textures so you can create a particular feel. A lot of clients are trending toward grainy and stone-like finishes, but even within that category, the options are vast.

One client wanted his building to flow with the nearby river rock. A Vero color specialist gathered river rocks and worked with the lab to craft a wall material that matched its unique texture.

Sometimes nailing an order requires additional footwork, but Vero is founded on extraordinary customer service.

Need help choosing the right finish or finding an applicator? We LOVE helping our customers. You are more than welcome to
contact us any time with questions or to request samples.

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